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Computer Repairs Portsmouth PSU Replacement / Upgrade

Desktop Computer PSU Replacement / upgrade

A Failing PSU Can cause many faults from an unstable machine to one that will no longer power on.

PSU’s Can fail due to old age, overheating  and or Incorrect wattage being used. We quite often see an increased volume of replacement PSU’s after power cuts and brownouts.

The biggest benefit that comes from upgrading your existing PSU is increased headroom for power draw. If the system was running stable as it was, you shouldn’t notice anything different in using the new PSU. If you have stability issues, then you start to think about the upgrading your existing PSU

We also include our Standard Tasks

During the PSU replacement we will also carry out our standard Fixed Fee tasks, This includes Servicing the machine making sure it has no obstructions in air flow, we carry out health checks on the machines hardware ensuring your machine is working to the best of its ability! Its surprising how much speed we can recover from machines that do not see regular maintenance

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